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Our team develops the contents following a simple, linear and high-performance process, always starting with the analysis of the data relating to the thematically most relevant keywords on search engines and the selection of keywords useful for positioning and reaching the target of interest. Once the strategy has been established, it is entrusted to our team professional copywriters who, through precise requirements relating to keyword density, clarity, relevance and their personal skills, are able to create content that is not only effective, but also empathic and engaging for users.

This method leads to two very important results: demonstrating the credibility of a brand and creating connections with its customers, making them participate (even emotionally) in everything related to the business, from the new products in the catalog to the successes achieved. In doing so, a loyalty is generated that transforms users from simple customers into fervent supporters.

From a technical point of view, Madibù focuses on natural links and high quality blogs, a functional combo both to attract the attention of the public and to respond to purely SEO needs. By linking to specific landing page specifically created with the intention of increasing sales or acquiring new leads, in fact, backlinks do nothing but direct traffic and establish the authority not only of the brand, but also of the supporting bloggers.

In summary and to make everything easier, it can be said that a validcontent marketing campaign is able to generate trust and loyalty and, consequently, guarantee organic results functional to the achievement of the established objectives.

"Madibù takes the entrepreneur by the hand and guides him through the digital jungle with wisdom and foresight, tracing a path of constant development."

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