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Pay per click and display campaigns can prove to be the turning point in the progress of an activity that operates on the web, especially if structured in a strategic and orderly way; even after their term, in fact, they are able to provide a high ROI and effective and long-lasting results.

Usually, we tend to think that they involve the creation of simple texts and videos, but this is not enough: it is necessary to create a real story capable of transforming visitors into customers, monitoring results and experimenting with new ideas to obtain results always better.

Madibù thinks outside the box with the aim of achieving clear results and maximum profit. Our approach is mathematical and based on advanced technologies that allow us to intercept the audience of our customers and to identify their demographic composition, interests and many other indispensable parameters for the achievement of pre-established objectives.

In fact, working closely with data allows us to receive positive feedback from day one and organize a gradual strategy that starts from the planning and design and finally ends with the publication of each individual campaign. The informations collected during the various phases is very important, because it allows us to measure and quantify the impact achieved.

Following the steps and monitoring them with constancy and attention is the basis of an optimization of the campaigns in progress, accompanied by a focus on the feedback received and on a suitable budget addressing.

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