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Search engine optimization is of fundamental importance to obtain valid results online, especially if the goal includes the increase in sales and the increase of visibility.

SEO is the result of a complex balance between advanced mathematics, algorithms specifically designed to make the best decisions and the right amount of human intervention.

Aware of all this, Madibù can be a valid support capable of organizing the necessary actions through an accurate study of the reference search engine and its own expertise in the field gained over the years.

Our modus operandi starts from a medium/long-term strategic vision with the analysis of the market and direct and indirect competitors, and then moves on to the operational phase of the project which involves monitoring the data in our possession and applying the necessary optimizations.

Our focus is very specific: to increase the number of potential customers and help brands position themselves at the top of the search results provided by Google , whether it is the sale of products or the provision of specific services.

"Madibù takes the entrepreneur by the hand and guides him through the digital jungle with wisdom and foresight, tracing a path of constant development."

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