Instagram for business: the basics to get started

The way of doing business online, in recent years, has definitely changed: if before social networks were simple side effects, now companies can no longer do without them; and we are not talking only about Facebook, but also and above all about Instagram which, through the various features it makes available to users, allows you to promote products and services on a large scale.

The need to push on Instagram derives from a change in consumer habits: if until a few years ago searches for a product/service were done on Google, today most of the information is sought directly on social networks.

According to statistics, more than 500 million users use Instagram on a daily basis. A figure that no company can (and must not) absolutely underestimate.

How to use Instagram for business

There is a sea between saying and doing, says an old saying; nevertheless creating an Instagram account for your company and making it functional and profitable is no longer so difficulton the contrary: just follow a few simple steps to optimize activities right from the start, always be clear on what needs to be done (and who should do it), know your target audience and offer them what they like best.

Here are 3 helpful tips to get you started:

1. Create a company account

The first step involves the creation of a company account, which can take place from scratch or by converting a personal account into a business one. In the latter case, the procedure is really simple: just go to the account settings and change its nature completely free of charge.

Having a company profile is very important because it is possible to have access to numerous features specially designed by Instagram for businesses,, such as the connection with the Facebook company page, the creation of paid advertising posts, access to insights and much more.

In particular, the Insights themselves are interesting and extremely useful for companies, because allow to obtain a large amount of information related to the posts that work best, the times when most interactions take place and the characteristics of your target audience (age, gender, interests), that help improve your sales strategy.

2. Optimize the profile

After creating a company account it is not enough to write a couple of lines of biography and add the profile picture, on the contrary: it is necessary to provide users with as much information as possible with the aim of attracting them, involving them, making them understand that they can respond to their need. Consequently, the reference sector, telephone number, website and address of a possible physical location should never be missing, for which Instagram automatically creates buttons (Call, E-mail, Get directions).

Furthermore, it is important to use a profile image that reflects the brand (in fact, the advice is to use the logo), in order to be easily recognizable especially by loyal customers. You can also create personalized hashtags to report in the biography and to be used in the various posts published; in this way, finding the activity will be even easier.

3. Create quality content

Thus we arrive at the most important step: the creation and sharing of quality posts. When we speak of “quality” we are not referring only to a beautiful image or well-written copy, but also and above all to the type of content, which must be in line with public tastes and create hype.

Obviously, being Instagram a social network almost mainly based on images, it is clear that the latter must be done well, especially if the final goal is the sale: the products must be recognizable and clearly visible, the colors used must be in line with the brand and the final result must appear harmonious and coherent.

It is important to remember that the loyal public expects updates, therefore the cadence and frequency of publication must be agreed at the beginning of the strategy (perhaps through the drafting of a social editorial plan) and respected by all.