Brand Awareness: what it is and how to increase it online

Running an online business involves organizing, planning and monitoring a whole series of fundamental aspects to obtain the desired results. Among these is certainly brand awareness, a concept that is often read in marketing strategies but which, in some cases, is neither addressed nor paid attention to as it deserves.

At first glance, it is easy to guess that it is something that revolves around the brand and that is useful for increasing the volume of business. But what does it really consist of? And above all, how do you promote it and make it functional for the achievement of your goals?

Definition of brand awareness and objectives

Before analyzing how you can increase brand awareness and achieve important results for your business, it is useful to take a step back and fully understand its meaning. According to

Brand awareness identifies the degree of awareness of the brand by the public. It is expressed with the percentage of consumers belonging to the target group who remember the brand without needing a verbal or visual stimulus (spontaneous recall) or who recognize it after being subjected to a stimulus (assisted recall).

The reputation of a brand has indeed been defined in many ways but, in general,includes various indicators that can be measured through market analyzes or sample surveys and which are used to evaluate the real ability of a consumer to recognize a certain brand, remember it and identify it correctly.

That said, it is clear that it is a concept that should never be underestimated and which, at the same time, is not always easy to manage and consolidate over time.

Basically, the main objective of brand awareness is to make a consumer immediately think of a particular brand when he is looking for a product and/or service, making it his first choice. Consequently, the primary objective of a marketing strategy is to build a positive brand image, in order to increase the probability that it will be included among the options of consumers during the choice phase.

In fact, companies with very strong brand awareness are immediately recognizable by users from the logo or the packaging used, which makes them extremely competitive on the market.

Measuring brand awareness with Aaker's pyramid

Is it possible to measure the awareness of a brand? The answer is absolutely yes, thanks to the American economist David Aaker who has devised a very effective method for identifying the current point of one’s business and all the steps that must be taken to make it climb towards success. His scheme is known as Aaker’s pyramid because of its structure:

It is a pyramid, in fact, made up of 4 well-defined stages that allow you to always have the aspects to be taken into consideration in order to carry out your professional growth under control:


Absence of knowledge

at the base of the pyramid are potential customers who don't have the slightest idea of the existence of the brand, so we start from a total lack of knowledge on the part of the small/large public.


Surface knowledge

in the second step you leave total anonymity to begin a slight knowledge of the brand, obviously in a primordial and superficial phase, therefore still limited to be able to speak of real notoriety.


Strong knowledge

one step from the top, at the third step of the pyramid, the level of awareness is quite strong, so the brand is already recognizable to a large number of users interested in the sector it belongs to.


Top of mind

final step, which equals the success of the work done so far, given that the brand is the first that comes to people's minds when they have to buy a particular product/service.

Thanks to the use of the Aaker pyramid, it is possible to understand which step your brand is at and work to bring it as far to the top as possible.

How to improve brand awareness

Brand awareness can be increased and improved at any time through the creation of tailor-made marketing campaigns accompanied by impeccable SEO work.

In a nutshell, you need to identify the main and most sought-after keywords in the sector you belong to, create quality content based on these keywords and wait for them to position themselves: within a few months, the level of brand awareness will grow considerably!

At the same time, it is very useful to create an editorial calendar to establish when and how to provide users with content, which can be guides, solutions, advice, in-depth articles, tutorials, evergreen topics and so on that aim to involve the public and his loyalty. Indirectly, earnings will also be increased.

5 benefits of growing brand awareness

According to what has been said so far, it is impossible not to foresee the achievement of a good level of brand awareness in any content strategy: the benefits are numerous and, above all, they bring long-term results. Here are 5 main benefits that should not be underestimated:

  1. Reduction of customer acquisition costs: a valid strategy to increase brand awareness allows you to attract new customers with lower economic investments than more traditional methods;
  2. More loyal customers: brand awareness is essential for customer retention, using tools such as surveys, newsletters and promotions to support the long-term customer-company relationship;
  3. Greater re-targeting: with a high level of brand awareness it is possible to intercept all users who have not completed a purchase and send them personalized offers and promotions to convince them to reconsider;
  4. Optimization of the marketing strategy: constantly monitoring brand awareness allows you to detect all the data necessary to understand the positioning of the brand and to intervene if necessary, avoiding wasting time and energy on useless strategies;
  5. Evidence data for executives: The data provided by brand awareness is clear and objective and, as a result, very useful for executives and in their transparent communication with shareholders and the board of directors.

By following Aaker’s pyramid, creating an effective editorial plan and designing quality content, brand awareness will reach excellent levels and obtaining broad consensus will appear simple, immediate and definitely profitable!